Friday, October 18, 2013

Awaken: Hell Unleashed ...UNLEASHED


Since the first day of our gathering, we have been programming, drawing, writing and composing for this very game. This is prototype for the more modern and updated version of Awaken that you have played thus far!

Please rate it, comment, share it, fave it, the whole 9 yards!!!!

If you want to see some of our past awaken games, check them out here:

Hope you enjoy, and remember to stay tuned for our current ongoing project: Awaken: A Massive Multiplayer Online Game

-JR01 Flash Game Studio

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Update: Tidbits

Hello Awaken fans,

I am back with some minor tidbits to keep you all updated! First off, we would like to show you all the trailer to Awaken: Front Lines on youtube!

Check it out, and play the game at

give us a good honest rating, and please let us know what we can do to keep making awesome games! We value your suggestions, comments and tips! We are currently in the process of creating our third Awaken Game, Black Blood. It will be a massive multiplayer game, so stay tuned!!!

Another tidbit to keep you all excited, here is a sound clip of our background "tension" sound track.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

Hope your excited for Black Blood, we sure are!

-JR01 FG Studios

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

NEW PROJECT- Awaken Black Blood

Hello everybody!

Sorry I have not been able to post in the last...YEAR LOL! Anyway, I am back with much success and would like to introduce to you some of our new projects. First of all, thank you all for supporting us and playing our games, we have now completed two Awaken games and are on our third. 

First project: Awaken Front Lines:

Second Project: Awaken 2: ROH:

Feel free to check them out, give it a good honest rating and favorite it! Also, please comment and tell us what you are looking for in our games and any helpful tips or suggestions you might have! We'd love to hear from you guys!

Announcing our third and ongoing project: Awaken Black Blood. This is a MMOPG (yes you heard correctly!) and here's a list of what we got going so far:

In the two months we have been working, we completed 4 out of 16 missions. However, we updated Awaken RoH or Rise of Heroes with sandbox mode and the following:

-updated engine

-improved AI with the possibility of enemy customization
-fully interactive environment
-new search system
-more diverse and new enemy special powers
-melee combat and melee weapons
-improved graphics and graphic design
-larger screen size
-more soldier customization options

With that in mind, here are some preview pictures!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


The game has now been released on Kongregate!!! Click the link above to play, and please leave a comment, share the game on facebook/twitter, and a rating!!!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Awaken: Updates Galore!

We are preparing for the final stages of our game, Awaken: Hell Unleashed! We have added some great new components to the game for those of you that can test it on FGL. Firstly, we would like to introduce a new map! Thus far, you have been familiarized with the urban background. While we were very pleased with the horror theme, we have decided that new vitality was in dire need. Due to story-line and other factors, the team has decided that a jungle map would be best suited for a new environment.

Jungle Map:

Basically the same game-play as before, but in a different environment with completely different twists to the plot! As you may have seen in the upper right hand corner, the infected or "zombies" can be hidden in the foliage, so be wary of enemies trying to sneak up on you!

As you can see here, your soldiers can be hidden as well!

The second major update we have incorporated are the two mini-games! We want to create a game that not only plays well the first time around, but will have a good re-play value! These mini-games that, unfortunately, must be unlocked, are completely new control-wise. The player uses W,A,S,D to control a car around an urban, as well as a jungle environment. We are especially pleased with this because it allows the player to be more "in-control."

Car Mini-game (Urban):

Don't worry, for those of you that aren't spontaneous learners, we have inputted instructions. Also, as you can see, elements such as a timer and "armor" are present. Hitting zombies will lower your "armor" (equivalent to health) and the timer will go down at a steady rate throughout. May seem hard right? But in reality, it is very rewarding if you can complete it successfully.

Thanks for tuning into JR01 once again, We hope to update the game soon!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awaken: Road to Victory

We are now approaching the finish line for our latest game, Awaken: Hell Unleashed! We have not been in touch with the public due to the massive amount of work we have put into the game, so here are the current updates/revisions:

Small updates:
- speling mistakes fixed
- each quit buton will pop up a window for confirmation
- some small ballance added to achievements
- mission description text
- some game butons & icons polish
- roll over soldier and ennemys will display ther health bar
- some bug fixes
- 1 more mission
- some more polish
- roll over with information for all butons

Big updates:
- speed up buton : pause,x2,x3
- all skills of soldiers now work
- ranged ennemys
- search toll for buildings
- Sniper and its upgrade

As you can see, we have added a tremendous amount of options since we have last spoken to the public! We are trying as best as we can to have better frame rates, customization, replay value, and just overall a very well polished game. One of the biggest updates we have incorporated was the car mini-game, soon to be called the Vanguard Mission. The goal is to use W,A,S,D Controls to safely defend a truck/car to the destination. While most of the game was confined to point and click/mouse only, we have decided that mixing it up a bit would help keep the player guessing! As always, all suggestions are welcome. 

If you have played a game for a while now, then you should have noticed that there are ranged enemies. These zombies are much MUCH harder to defeat than the usual joe. The super soldier MK I, the tan ones, hold common guns, while the black ones, Super soldier MK IIs, wield a devastating chain-gun! As you can see, we are trying very hard to balance out the AI.

One of our most prized elements in the game are the different "events." For example, you may find a wounded survivor, or a computer that needs hacking. This could be one of our finest implemented ideas in the game, due to the added task of searching houses by holding one's mouse over it. This allows the player to interact more with the game! As always, this is our main goal.

Coming Soon:

We will be adding more maps/terrains and a whole new branch of the story to keep the player entertained. We hope to work to our best extent to perfect both game-play and creativity. Thanks again for tuning into JR01 Updates, we hope to release the game soon!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Awaken: Hell Unleashed


Alas, we come to the final week of preparations and final touches. Here at JR01 Studios, we are working extra hard in completing everything in anticipation for our very first release! The first installment (out of three) will be officially named, Awaken: Hell Unleashed! Unfortunately, we will be unleashing hell delayed for an unknown period of time, but no worries, we are still scheduled to have it out THIS WEEK! To compensate for this, we have decided to let you guys sneak a peak on some new screen-shots!

Screenshot: Night Vision

A nice little touch for those of you that aren't too coordinated in the dark.
Next up, we have something that will make all of those customization fans go crazy!

Screenshot: Shop, inventory and Recruiting center
"State of the art weaponry doesn't come cheap"

"Don't forget to give your soldiers weapons"

"Hire and Fire at will"

And a little Preview of what the mission launch screen looks like:

Screenshot: Mission Map
"Commence your own risk"

Official Progress:

Everything is almost done:
-Tutorial completed
-Polish 50% done
-Game Engine 95% done
-Mission Briefing 0% done
-Artwork and animations 100% done

To Breakdown the enemy for you, we have decided to release this:

From left to right:
-Super soldier MK I [Prototype]: A Half robot, half zombie. Very smart, very deadly. Lacks the finesse and efficiency/power of a super soldier MK II
-Zombie soldier [common]: A zombie equipped with army-issued equipment. Travel in packs using basic infantry firearms. lacks speed, cunning, efficiency and power of a super soldier, but faster and stronger than a zombie grunt
-Zombie grunt [infected]: The staple of the horde, most of the zombies you kill in the game will be a grunt. Carrying no weapons or armor, they are more of a pain to kill than they are worth. Biologically resistant to damage, they are almost super-human, although limited by slow strength and immense stupidity.
-Super Soldier MK II [cyborg]: State of the art killing machines, these things will decimate your squad in seconds if you aren't careful. armed to the teeth with the most destructive weaponry, they are both fast and cunning. It will take extreme precision and careful planning to take one of these bad guys down. Proceed with caution.

Game-play guide:

In Awaken, you will control a team of soldiers in Real-time combat using strategy and a bit of luck. You will be fighting against many different types of enemies of different capacities adding to the challenge as your progress through the levels. You will be given an idea of what the story-line is about through the intro movie that leads you to the main menu.

You begin by choosing your team (the number of squad members is pending) from a character bank. Each character will have different statistics that make them more valuable to your style of game-play. For example;

Agility: increases character's movement speed and flexibility 
Reaction rate: The time interval between the appearance of the enemy and the response from the character

Each character will have price tags; obviously the more expensive, the better the character.

Your plot will move along quickly as you learn more and more about the game's background and concepts. However, the most interesting and innovative section of this game is perhaps the game-play. We are not ready to release all for the information  for the game, however we can tell you that there will be different "modes." 

Cautious: The soldiers in your team will be "cautious," hence the name, taking potshots while staying in safety behind cover. They will reload more often than perhaps than in "aggressive" mode, and will operate like a SWAT team.

Aggressive: The team of soldiers will lose their ability to remain stealthy and chooses offence over defense. Discarding all regards to personal health, the soldiers enter a beserker-like state destroying all enemies in their path. However, as is foreseen, this would make the soldiers extremely vulnerable, forcing the player to alternate between different modes on later, more challenging levels.

We would love to share all of the modes, but unfortunately we decided it would be better to hold off on sharing all of the game info. 

As was mentioned above, the levels will become harder and harder as is expected. To compensate for the increased challenges, you will have to buy gear for your troops. For example, you will have the opportunity to buy and sell items to and from your inventory. Items like guns and helmets will be in the shops.

Missions: In the game, there will be two types of missions; Assault and Defend. (number of missions pending)
As the name may portray, in assault, you deploy your team to attack an enemy's headquarters or a designated location. for Defend, you must hold down the fort from oncoming waves of enemies. Unfortunately, we cannot release any further information about missions.

Since we like to be ahead of the game, we have already mapped out the basics for the sequel to Hell Unleashed! The next game will be a "W,A,S,D" shooter version with ALL NEW mechanisms! check out our projects page to read more.

"In the second installment, you will be commanding on the field"

Thanks for tuning in to Awaken by JR01 studios. Prepare to Awaken!

Awaken Black Blood preview

Awaken Black Blood preview

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The dead arise to correct the sins of the living…

During WWII, scientists all over the world were trying to create a super weapon, arms of mass destruction, as a means to end the long and painful war. Bright minds in the Soviet Union, the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom were scrambling to gain a major advantage over the other side. The Allies, already at a disadvantage from the loss of France, were desperately in need of immediate help. While the war was being fought on numerous fronts, the scientists at home in America began the Manhattan project. Laboratories all over the nation focused their efforts on building new war technology. Numerous tests were tried, and failed. Chemicals were dumped into holding facilities; failed projects to create super humans were contained in secret facilities. These projects were known as Valhalla, an organization dedicated to the re-animation of the dead. In Nevada, sights of “aliens” and “other worldly beings” were seen in unsuccessful attempts to keep the tests away from public eyes. One of the most famous holding facilities, Area 51 still contains the long forgotten technologies of the WWII era. After VJ day (Victory in Japan), Countries around the world heaved a sigh of relief, and began rebuilding, reconstructing, and commencing a long period of healing. All seemed to be improving…

Until the Cold War.

After WWII, the Soviet Union began an arms race with the US as tensions rose. Both sides began to amass nuclear weapons and methods to exploit the other. When the USSR released Sputnik, the US was sent into a frenzy of anti-communism. The concept of Super Humans began creeping back into the minds of mad scientists, and other researchers. Numerous specimens were kept in secret underground lairs to prevent them from destroying mankind. Luckily, before any violence erupted, the Berlin Wall was torn down, and The Soviet Union dissipated, giving way to a smaller, weaker, Russia. After that, many famous scientists, praised for intellect and achievement, became corrupted by the feeling of power; the feeling gained by the vast armies they could create from super humans. Thus, the government sent the FBI to arrest these madmen. Again, an era of peace followed, and the people slowly forgot about the labs. Only, no one seemed to believe the scientists succeeded in creating super soldiers. Even when they explained to the government, no one would listen. Slowly, but surely, the monsters, hidden away began to escape, learn, evolve, and created more and more of their own brethren.

However, not all gone unnoticed. The FBI formed a coalition with Zero Corporations, an international counter-super soldier organization. Together, they monitored the progress of the zombies and undead. The Chinese began supplying the US with funds to eliminate the threat in its early stages. However, no one could imagine the destruction to follow.

Present day:

In an abandoned laboratory in southwest Nevada, a team of covert-ops, hired by Zero Corp. began to infiltrate the heartland of the super soldiers. The CPU, sensed the breach, and issued the awakening of millions of zombies across the nation, before the mercenaries could stop the transmission, the undead army began to raze and pillage the countryside, slowly making their path of destruction towards the major cities. Some say the Mayans foretold this. Perhaps this was what the Apache described as the final days of the world. Others believe that Judgment day, spoken by many prophets, written in the bible, was about to take place. Mankind, a species long credited by the ability to overcome, was about to face uncertain doom. While those above ground were ignorant and oblivious of the dangers yet to come, the zombies became smarter and smarter, developing plans to take over.

The world… is about to


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